Patrick Murphy Gets MSNBC Show

Former Representative Patrick Murphy will be hosting a MSNBC show this weekend. This Sunday at 1 P.M. EST, Murphy will host Taking the Hill, a program dedicated to returning and adjusting veterans. Murphy was the first Iraq War veteran elected to Congress, he was elected to represent one of Pennsylvania’s districts in 2006 before losing his re-election bid in 2010.

Read MSNBC’s press release:

NEW YORK – December 9, 2013 – MSNBC contributor Patrick Murphy returns as host of a one-hour conversation about veterans issues live from 30 Rockefeller Center on Sunday, Dec. 15 at 1 p.m. ET. Murphy, a former Congressman (D-PA) and Iraq War veteran, continues to examine issues affecting the veteran community as they navigate their postwar lives. MSNBC will also premiere “Wounded: The Battle Back Home” – the second hour of its “Taking the Hill” documentary series produced by Flow Nonfiction in conjunction with Wounded Warrior Project to commemorate the organization’s 10th anniversary. This new installment introduces Angie Peacock – an Iraq War Veteran who returned from combat suffering severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “Wounded: The Battle Back Home” shares Angie’s story of determination as she fights toward recovery.

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