CNN’s Search

CNN is currently searching for a new show to hold the 9 P.M. primetime timeslot after Piers Morgan Live was cancelled. Whatever show airs in the slot will be just the fourth holder of the slot in CNN’s over-thirty year history. TKNN is covering the search like no other news outlet.

CNN at 9: Tapper Doesn’t Take The Lead

With the week’s ratings out, the results are that Jake Tapper and  The Lead failed to surpass any of Michael Smerconish’s demos in the week-over-week. Although Graph 1 does show that both shows followed similar trends in their weekday programming. Spikes on Monday before slowing down on Tuesday, a spike […]

CNN Begins Search for Piers Morgan Replacement

This Monday, CNN will begin a series of on-air experiments to find a replacement for Piers Morgan Live. The network has been extremely tight-lipped about the cancellation and its possible replacements. News outlets have had to rely on Twitter and sources for updates. The network never announced an end date […]