Daily Archives: June 4, 2018

Cuomo Prime Time Readies Its First Week

Based off what has been said, Cuomo Prime Time (debuting tonight on CNN at 9 PM) sounds like Larry King Live if the¬†octogenarian was souped up on adrenaline and treated interviews like boxing rounds. However, Cuomo Primetime inherits from its tieslot predecessor an emphasis on one-on-one interviews. CNN has announced […]

Hospital Chief of Staff Threatens Reporters to Not Expect Coverage

UPDATE:¬†Following publication, Dr. Granberry emailed TKNN to state that he apologized to the two reporters. The original story is below. — Following critical reporting on the hospital’s heart transplant program, Baylor St. Luke’s Hospital chief of staff Dr.¬†William Granberry sent a letter to the editor into the local newspaper, the […]