Daily Archives: June 16, 2015

Mohammed Morsi’s Death Sentence Upheld by Egyptian Court

Last month, former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was sentenced to death by an Egyptian court due to a 2011 jailbreak. Tuesday, the Egyptian court confirmed the ruling after a review from the Grand Mufti, the highest religious figure in Egypt. The Grand Mufti must review all death sentences in Egypt. However, […]

Sudanese President Bashir Escapes to Sudan, Throws Celebration

Over the weekend, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir went to South Africa for a African Union meeting and a South African High Court ruled that President al-Bashir was not to leave the country as the Court ruled whether or not he should be arrested. At play was an International Criminal Court indictment that […]

Greece May Be Forced Out of the Euro Zone

Germany has issued the most explicit warning yet of Greece’s exit of the Euro Zone. Greece is only days away from a 1.6 billion ($1.8 billion) euro payment to the International Monetary Fund and it seems increasingly likely that the country will default on that payment. Default could cause Greece […]

Donald Trump Announces 2016 Presidential Run

Real estate developer and television star Donald Trump announced his presidential run today. His announcement speech was a spectacle of itself with Trump deviating wildly from his prepared remarks. Trump descended into the room via an escalator as supporters and the media looked on. He was also supposed to announce his candidacy […]

PBS and NPR Team up for 2016 Convention Coverage

PBS NewsHour and NPR have announced that they will partner for coverage of the 2016 presidential conventions. The two also say they will also have live primetime coverage, which NPR says is a first for public media. The two outlets will form one group of journalists who will contribute to […]