Parts Unknown Host Anthony Bourdain Dead at 61

Anthony Bourdain, the host of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, is dead at 61 of suicide. CNN confirmed the news on Friday. When the future history books of CNN and cable news at large are written, Bourdain will have a spot as the first host of a CNN Original Series. […]

Facebook Watch Announces New News Programming

Facebook Watch has announced several new news program that will premiere on the offering later this year. While the shows are funded by Facebook in order to promote the existence of the programs, each editorial partner will have full editorial control. The new shows are CNN’s Anderson Cooper Full Circle […]

Cuomo Prime Time Readies Its First Week

Based off what has been said, Cuomo Prime Time (debuting tonight on CNN at 9 PM) sounds like Larry King Live if the¬†octogenarian was souped up on adrenaline and treated interviews like boxing rounds. However, Cuomo Primetime inherits from its tieslot predecessor an emphasis on one-on-one interviews. CNN has announced […]

Hospital Chief of Staff Threatens Reporters to Not Expect Coverage

UPDATE:¬†Following publication, Dr. Granberry emailed TKNN to state that he apologized to the two reporters. The original story is below. — Following critical reporting on the hospital’s heart transplant program, Baylor St. Luke’s Hospital chief of staff Dr.¬†William Granberry sent a letter to the editor into the local newspaper, the […]

CNN Guts Online CNNgo 1

When CNNgo was launched, CNN advertised it with the tagline of Choose Your News. However, that ability has been severely limited as a result of CNN’s actions with the CNNgo website. Most notably, CNNgo has ditched the CNN Today rundown feature that allowed viewers to choose individual segments that had […]