Benjamin Lisle on Stadiums and America

Benjamin Lisle, a visiting professor at Colby College, recently came out with a new book, Modern Coliseum, looking at the design of stadiums since World War II. With the book’s recent release, TKNN interviewed Lisle about the book’s topic. TKNN: You talk about how many modernist stadiums had become very similar […]

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Eric Bolling Suspended from Fox News

Fox News host Eric Bolling has been suspended by the cable news organization following reports that he has sent unwanted text messages of male genitalia to female colleagues. Yashar Ali, reporting for the Huffington Post, first reported the accusations against Bolling and his subsequent suspension. Bolling has been suspended while the […]

Kayleigh McEnany Leaves CNN

Conservative commentator Kayleigh McEnany has left CNN to pursue another opportunity. She tweeted, “While I have enjoyed my time at CNN, I will be moving to a new role. Stay tuned next week!” McEnany quickly updated her Twitter bio and website to say “former CNN commentator.” A CNN source said it […]

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The CNN online store as of August 3, 2017.

CNN Online Store Goes Down Again

CNN’s online store was down earlier this week, at least the second this summer that the online store had a service outage. In both instances, TKNN reached out to a CNN or Turner (the parent company of CNN) spokesperson for comment and explanation as to why the site was down. […]

CNN’s Acosta, White House’s Miller Spar at Press Briefing

On Tuesday, White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller took part in the daily press briefing to discuss green card policy and the Administration’s support of the bill from Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton that would cut legal immigration levels. He was at times combative with the press, but […]

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