Networks Break in for Special Comey Coverage

ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News will all break into their regularly scheduled programming for special coverage of former FBI Director James Comey testifying before Congress Thursday. NBC News will begin coverage with the usually scheduled Today Show. Host Matt Lauer will be in New York as usual, but Savannah […]

fourth estate new

fourth estate new

CNN Hoax Spreads Among Right-Wing

A false story alleging that CNN staged a fake protest by Muslims following the June 3rd terrorist attack in London has spread around the Twittersphere, amplified by some of the top voices on the right and alt-right. Twitter user @markanto tweeted the below with the caption, “CNN creating the narrative #FakeNews.” […]

CNN Fires Kathy Griffin from New Years Coverage

CNN has fired Kathy Griffin from its annual New Years coverage after a photo surfaced of Griffin holding a severed President Donald Trump head.  Griffin had co-hosted the program since 2007 with Anderson Cooper and the program was a significant ratings success. The show settled into a regular pattern of […]


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Read 100 Complaints to the FCC Regarding Stephen Colbert’s C**k Holster Comment

On May 1, Late Show host Stephen Colbert included a joke about President Donald Trump being a “c**k holster” for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The comment led to a flurry of viewer indecency complaints and then online hysteria of potential censorship as the FCC announced an investigation. That, however, is […]

Supreme Court Strikes Down North Carolina Congressional Lines

The Supreme Court has ruled that North Carolina’s congressional lines are unconstitutional because they pack in black voters. The congressional lines will now fit the 2016 redrawn map, although there is another pending case against the district lines. The court struck down the lines for District 1 and District 12. The […]