Journalists Side with LA Times in Spat with Disney

Days after the Los Angeles Times announced they were unable to include Disney movies in their annual winter movie preview because of the film studio blocking the newspaper from advance press screenings, several journalists and outlets announced that they would stand in solidarity with the Times and refuse to go […]

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Photo by: William B. Plowman/NBC

Meet the Press Marks 70 Years

NBC News’s Meet the Press marked seventy years on the air Sunday. The first episode aired on November 6, 1947 with moderator Martha Rountree (who remains the only female moderator in the show’s history), guest James Farley, and a panel of questioners. Since then the format has changed to incorporate […]

CNN to Refresh Online Store, Add Non-CNN Items 1

CNN announced on Thursday that it will refresh its largely outdated and seemingly forgotten-about online store later this month. The news was hidden in a press release otherwise entirely about Underscored, CNN’s new digital shopping guide. The online store is also getting an extension as CNN is branching out into non-branded items. […]

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CNN Unveils Underscored, an E-Commerce Informational Platform 1

CNN unveiled Underscored, a new e-commerce review and information platform, on Thursday. The platform, which will compete with The New York Times’s Wirecutter, is a shopping guide that recommends lifestyle, tech, health, and travel products and services based off affordability and quality. Underscored makes money based off advertising, but also through […]

Capitol Police Cracks Down on Reporters

When President Donald Trump went to the Capitol last week, a protester snuck into the press area and threw Russian flags at the President. When Vice President Michael Pence visited the Capitol on Monday, Capitol Police, according to reporters, aggressively cracked down on reporters, closing down hallways and subjecting them […]