Day after Charlottesville Attack, Trump Team Goes on the Offensive

Seventeen hours after President Donald Trump pleaded for national unity and said, “No matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all Americans first,” his campaign released a new ad blasting “the President’s enemies,” including Democrats and the media. The close proximity to the terrorist attack and charged […]

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CNN Cuts Ties with Jeffrey Lord over Nazi Salute Joke

In one week, CNN lost its two most high-profile supporters of President Donald Trump. On Thursday, CNN cut ties with commentator Jeffrey Lord after he tweeted, “Sieg Heil!” to Angelo Carusone. Carusone complained of an error in Lord’s piece in The American Spectator and Lord responded with the Nazi salute. […]

Anthony Scaramucci Opens Up

Anthony Scaramucci, the former communications director for the White House, will sit down for two interviews in the coming week. Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’s Late Show, announced Wednesday on Twitter that Scaramucci would be joining him for an interview. The following day, George Stephanopoulos announced on Twitter that Scaramucci […]

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Eric Bolling Suing Yashar Ali over Harassment Story

Suspended Fox News host Eric Bolling is suing Yashar Ali, the author of the story that reported on Bolling’s alleged sexual harassment. After Ali published his story, Bolling was suspended by Fox News pending an investigation. Ali has been served with a summons and Bolling is suing for $50 million […]

Politico’s Hadas Gold Joining CNN

Hadas Gold, a media reporter for Politico, is joining CNN as a reporter based in Washington, but covering Europe. Gold tweeted that she will be covering “European politics, media, & global business.” However, she will not be part of the CNN Media team as a CNN source told TKNN that she will […]

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