Special Counsel Mueller Disputes BuzzFeed Story

On Thursday night, the nation was rocked by a BuzzFeed News article that President Donald Trump had “directed” his then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The article, which was not confirmed by another major news organizations as of Friday night, […]

President Trump to Address Nation in Primetime

President Donald Trump announced in a tweet Monday that he intended to deliver a primetime address about the “crisis” at the Southern border on Tuesday night. All of the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox broadcast) announced that they would carry the address, in addition to the cable news […]

CNN Dominates New Years Eve

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, courtesy CNN Pearls may have been clutched over CNN’s drinking (on New Year’s Eve! the horror!), but the duo of ACĀ² was a hit with the cable news viewers. This was the second year with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen along with appearances by CNN […]

Journalists to Drop New Year’s Eve Ball in New York

The name Times Square comes from the short period the New York Times had their headquarters in the location. The news organization has since moved, but the area is a top tourist destination and where the ball drops is New York. Fittingly this year, journalists are the special guests for […]

Democratic National Committee Announces Preliminary Debate Schedule

The Democratic National Committee announced the preliminary details about its debates for the 2020 presidential nomination process. There will be six debates in 2019, once a month starting in June (with none in August) and six in 2020 ending in April. The DNC is hoping to avoid the “kiddie table” […]