CNN Victim of Fake News

Journalists at CNN have been warning about the dangers of fake news online for the past several weeks, but the network was the victim of fake news on Friday. A Twitter user, @solikearose, said that CNN aired thirty minutes of porn Thanksgiving night instead of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Initial […]

Twitter Purges Alt-Right Accounts

Social media giant Twitter has begun implementing a new policy which many have criticized as unfairly targeting highly conservative accounts. Twitter, in response, has stated that their new policy is an attempt to combat “hate speech” on the platform. Richard Spencer, one of the accounts that has been removed, stated, […]


Texas Elected Official Calls Clinton C-Word in Tweet

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (R-TX) tweeted a misogynist epithet in place of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s name on Tuesday before deleting the tweet. ┬áThe tweet read, “PENNSYLVANIA: NEW AUTO ALLIANCE POLL TRUMP 44 C*** 43 Go Trump Go!” The tweet seems to be in reference to a three […]