Facebook Turns to News Organizations to Combat Fake News

Facebook announced on Thursday a series of changes designed to combat the spread of fake news on the social media platform. However, Facebook is shifting the actual fact-checking work of what is fake news and what is not to partners who have signed onto Ponyter’s International Fact-Checking Network. Signatories include […]

Facebook Fights Anti-Conservative Allegations

Following a Gizmodo article that claims they regularly suppress conservative news, Facebook has released its guidelines for Trending Topics in an effort to fight the allegations. Justin Osofsky, Vice President of Global Operations, said in a blog post detailing the process behind the Trending Topics, “The Trending Topics team is governed […]

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India Rejects Facebook’s “Free Basics”

India’s telecom regulatory agency banned Facebook’s Free Basics program on Monday. The Free Basics program allows free Internet access, but limits it to Facebook, weather, and job listings. This would violate the principles of net neutrality, which says that all Internet traffic must be treated and priced the same. The Telecom Regulatory […]