Senate Passes Continuing Resolutions, Including CROmnibus

shutdownThe Senate passed two pieces of legislation tonight that will allow the government to remain open. First, the Senate approved a continuing resolution that would continue funding the government until Wednesday. That resolution was designed so that the Senate could work on the CRomnibus without worry that procedural rules could cause a government shutdown and also allow some more breathing room. The short-term solution then went to President Obama, who signed it into law. However, the extension was not necessary because the Senate passed the CRomnibus later that night. The Senate had planned to adjourn for the weekend until Monday, but Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) kept the Senate open even though some Senators had left town. Due to the Senate remaining in session, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the vote would go on that night. The 1.1 trillion dollar continuing resolution that funds the government until September of 2015 was passed late Saturday night. However, a budget battle is looming in January when the new Congress takes office and the appropriations resolution for the Department of Homeland Security will be handled. Republicans are hoping to use the opportunity to defund the President’s executive action on immigration deportation.

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