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HLNSince launching last year, S.E. Cupp Unfiltered has featured a panel format. Producer (and former Fox News personality) Andy Levy regularly appears on a nightly basis and some panelists appear more frequently than others. As a result, HLN has signed two of the most frequent panelists — Erin Gloria Ryan and Becket Adams — to contributor deals.

The terms of the deals are a bit unusual. Adams and Ryan are considered Unfiltered contributors, however they have exclusivity to CNN and HLN. Ryan does have an exception in her contract so she can appear on, her words, “late night comedy shows.” Ryan and Adams both said in emails to TKNN that they could appear on any CNN or HLN show as needed. A request for a HLN spokesperson to explain why they are deemed Unfiltered contributors when they could appear on any show on either network was not answered as of publication. Although, the duo do primarily appear on Unfiltered.

Ryan, a senior editor for The Daily Beast, was signed as a contributor in September while Adams, a columnist for the Washington Examiner, signed his contributor deal earlier this week.

HLN primarily uses CNN’s correspondents and contributors, but does have some personalities that viewers will only find on HLN. The network has also looked outside the family to find guest hosts, such as when Rita Cosby filled in for Ashleigh Banfield on Crime & Justice.

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