CNN Adds to Washington Bureau


Photo courtesy of CNN
CNN Senior Vice President and Washington, DC Bureau Chief Sam Feist announced changes to the bureau’s personnel. Michelle Kosinski, who previously served as a London correspondent for NBC, is coming to CNN as a White House Correspondent, serving alongside Jim Acosta, the network’s Senior White House Correspondent. Dana Bash is adding to her responsibilities at the network, she will cover 2016 Republican candidates. Bash is currently CNN’s Chief Congressional Correspondent and covered the McCain campaign in 2008. Earlier this week, Brianna Keilar was announced to be a new 2016 Democratic Correspondent. In addition, Pamela Brown is moving to the D.C. bureau from the New York bureau where she reported primarily for Early Start and New Day. Now, Brown will serve as a Justice Correspondent for the network alongside Evan Perez, who also reports on national security issues. Brown is replacing Joe Johns, who was tapped to serve in the network’s new Senior Washington Correspondent.

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