NBC News

NBC Apologizes for Joshua Cooper Ramo Commentary

Americans oftentimes criticize NBC’s coverage of the Opening Ceremony for the high amount of voiceover during the ceremony, but South Koreans were angered by NBC Asia analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo’s commentary on Japanese-Korean relations. Ramo, the vice chairman and co-chief executive of Kissinger Associates, said during the proceedings that Japan had […]

Fox News Dominant Broadcasting State of the Union

Anchored by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, Fox News had the dominant State of the Union broadcast, winning both the advertiser-friendly 25-54 age demo and total viewers. Fox News’s viewership in the demo and total viewers during the State of the Union surpassed both the broadcast networks and cable news outlets. According […]

How News Organizations Treated “S***hole”

When the infamous “pussy” tape was leaked, news organizations grappled with how to convey the off-color remark. Today, news organizations had a new struggle after the Washington Post reported (and several other news organizations confirmed) that President Donald Trump deemed Haiti and Africa a “s***hole.” The Washington Post, CNN, and […]