Fox News Announces Scandalous; First Focusing on Clintons

Fox News has announced Scandalous, a new documentary-style series that will premiere this Sunday, January 21. The series will focus on the scandals that surrounded President Bill Clinton that culminated in his impeachment¬†and¬†have seven one-hour episodes. A Fox News source told TKNN that the plan is for Scandalous to become […]



How News Organizations Treated “S***hole”

When the infamous “pussy” tape was leaked, news organizations grappled with how to convey the off-color remark. Today, news organizations had a new struggle after the Washington Post reported (and several other news organizations confirmed) that President Donald Trump deemed Haiti and Africa a “s***hole.” The Washington Post, CNN, and […]

CNN Debuts New DC Studio

CNN has debuted a new studio in their Washington, D.C. bureau. The set saw its first use during CNN’s special marking President Donald Trump’s first year last week. None of CNN’s weekday programs originating from Washington (Inside Politics, Wolf, The Lead, and The Situation Room) are currently using the studio […]

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CNN Refreshes White House Team

CNN announced Tuesday morning that it is refreshing its White House team. In addition, some political journalists are changing coverage areas. Jim Acosta, who currently serves as senior White House correspondent, has been promoted to chief White House correspondent for the news organization. He is the first chief White House […]

Committee to Protect Journalists Recognizes Free Press Critics

In light of President Donald Trump’s continued vows to hold the Fake News Awards, the Committee to Protect Journalists, a global press freedom advocacy group, announced that they are holding their own awards, the Press Oppressors awards. The organization recognized winners and runners-up (although winners may be used loosely in […]

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